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As you know, Hep Taxi is an inter-communal switchboard. Regrouping 4 towns (Le Cannet Rocheville, Mougins, Mouans-Sartoux and Pegomas), Hep Taxi puts an adequate number of taxi stands at your disposal in each town so as to provide the best possible service and drive you to any destination in France.

The taxis Hep Taxi are at your service, devoted to your needs, whichever destination you wish to reach.

For information about our fares, click on our document: (download our PDF file)

Medical transport

You need a taxi for medical transport? Call  +334 27 46 40 00

We will book a taxi for you, third-party payer taken care of.
Regardless the transport distance, 80 taxis officially appointed (Hep Taxi group + our taxis partners) will escort you to your appointment location.


Before calling our operators, you should make sure you have your health insurance details, and remember to tell us the time and place of your appointment.

You need to go to Nice airport, from any of the 4 towns associated with Hep Taxi,
Call : +334 93 99 27 27

You prefer to book a taxi from Nice airport? 
Call : +334 93 99 27 27

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A taxi for shopping

Ladies, for your shopping in town, think about taking a taxi: we can pick you up at your front door and drop you directly at your destination in record time thanks to the bus lane!

And after shopping, if you are late for your next meeting or errand, the taxi can save the day...

Long distance journeys

Thanks to HEP TAXI you can also book your taxi, ahead of time, to go farther (from 30km on) and know approximately how much it will cost.
You can ask for an estimation and book a taxi online or call our multilingual operators (24 hours, 7/7). Call +334 93 99 27 27

For online booking, in order to get a cost estimation within 24h, please fill out a mandatory personal information form, at least 48 hours prior to your departure date. Once you've done it, we will send you the cost estimation, as well as its number. If you are satisfied by the cost estimation, you will have to confirm your reservation using the number we provided and at least 12 hours before the scheduled departure. For booking less than 48 hours before the departure, you can request a cost estimation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to one of our operators. Call +334 93 99 27 27

Our vehicle fleet

The Hep Taxi fleet consists of vehicles of different makes such as:
German sedans: Audi, BMW, Mercedes
SUV: Peugeot, Renault, Volvo, Hyundai
Station Wagon: Peugeot, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi

Commercial offering

HEP TAXI it's about 3 million kilometers traveled per year
HEP TAXI it's also nearly 130.000 passengers per year.
We can offer you various media types for your communication campaigns:

  • Flocking on our taxis' rear windows.
  • Hand out your flyers in our vehicles.
  • Advertise your company on our business cards (we give out about 50.000 of them each year)

Car assistance

You are a car assistance company? In case of accident or break down of your clients’ vehicle, you can rely on HEP TAXI’s reactivity: 90% of dealerships are located in Le Cannet

Smartphone App

Download our app available on tablet computers and smart phones, shared with our collaborator Taxi Cannes

app heptaxi


04 92 18 17 17
7/7 and 24hours - No extra charge for a call

You need a taxi for medical transport? Call our dedicated line, we will book a taxi for you, third-party payer taken care of.


Are you a car assistance company?
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Direct fare or booking

+33 4 93 99 27 27

7/7 and 24hours
no extra charge for a call

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